PEGNet conference

Conference on “Regional integration for Africa’s economic transformation – Challenges and opportunities”

A two days conference on regional integration for Africa’s economic transformation held at University of Rwanda’s college of business and Economics (UR-CBE) on 15th -16th Sept 2016.

The conference was organized by Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNet) in collaboration with Institute of Policy Analysis and Research – Rwanda (IPAR – Rwanda), Kiel Institute for the world economy, GIZ, among others.

The conference has attracted many experts and researchers and they discussed various topics that include how regional economic integration succeed in dealing with differences, how regional integration raise the competitiveness , how regional integration help small countries to attract foreign direct investment, among others.

According to researchers, regional integration is important for Africa because most of the countries are poor and land locked.
In order to transform them, there is need to integrate because this provides many opportunities. Africa needs to open up markets because tariffs in Africa are still much higher than in the rest of the world, transport costs are twice higher than other parts of the world.

Experts in this conference recommended alignment of innovation with policy priorities, capacity building for research, and collaboration with other hubs to build a network of researchers, among others.

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