Dr. Dickson Malunda

Dr. Dickson MalundaSenior Research Fellow

Dr. Dickson Malunda is a Development Economist a PhD in Economics from the University of Trento. His...

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Dr. Jean Baptiste Nsengiyumva

Dr. Jean Baptiste Nsengiyumva Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Jean Baptiste Nsengiyumva is a Disaster and Natural Hazard Risk Manager with a PhD in Earth...

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Dr. Martin Ruzima

Dr. Martin RuzimaResearch Fellow

Dr. Martin Ruzima holds a PhD in Economics from Annamalai University (India), M.A. Applied Economics from...

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Mr. Baguma Anthony

Mr. Baguma AnthonyResearch Fellow

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Mr. Evariste Gahima

Mr. Evariste GahimaResearch Fellow

Evariste Gahima joined the Institute of Policy Analysis, Rwanda in September 2018 as a Research Fellow...

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Mr. Ismael Byaruhanga

Mr. Ismael ByaruhangaResearch Fellow

Mr. Ismael Byaruhanga is a Research Fellow at IPAR Rwanda, he holds a Master’s of Science degree in...

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Mr. Paul Kayira

Mr. Paul KayiraAssistant Research Fellow

Paul joined IPAR in 2008 as a Research Assistant charged with supporting research teams in, among other...

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Lambert Izerimana

Lambert IzerimanaResearch Assistant

Lambert IZERIMANA is a research assistant at IPAR-Rwanda. He has a Master’s degree in statistics from the...

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Christelle Umutesi

Christelle UmutesiResearch Assistant

Christelle Umutesi is a Research Assistant at IPAR-Rwanda. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business...

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Eric Cyubahiro

Eric CyubahiroResearch Assistant

Eric Cyubahiro is a Research Assistant at IPAR-Rwanda. Cyubahiro holds Bachelor of science in Applied...

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Delphine Uwanyirigira

Delphine UwanyirigiraResearch Assistant

Delphine is a Research Assistant at IPAR-Rwanda. She has experience of 3 years in Research Monitoring and...

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Muhoza Laura Melissa

Muhoza Laura Melissa Research Assistant

Muhoza is a Research Assistant at IPAR-rwanda. She holds a Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences : Major...

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