Happy New Year 2016

The Institute of Policy Analysis and Research organized an end of year party for their staff as well as some of IPAR’s partners on 8th January, 2016 at Umubano hotel.

In her remarks “Ms. Stella Kabahire” the Finance and Administration Manager thanked all the staff for their hard work and challenged everyone to be the best they could be in the year 2016 by being creative and innovative.

Above Ms. Stella Kabahire addressing her speech to IPAR staff and some stakeholders present while Ms Eugenia Kayitesi , Executive Director (1st from right) and Prof. Alfred Bizoza, Director of Research (2nd from right) look on.

In his speech “Prof Alfred Bizoza” the Director of Research; commended the work done on publications, research papers and policy briefs, he encouraged networking with different stakeholders in order to grow IPAR and increase visibility. He urged IPAR staff to improve service delivery  to maintain the trust that stakeholders have with IPAR and also emphasized quality and timely delivery of research.

Prof. Alfred Bizoza ,Director of Research addresses the audience

On behalf of IPAR staff, Dr. Aime Tsinda, a senior researcher  thanked  the IPAR management and commended them for their efficiency and effectively managing IPAR and its resources, He also commended the good working conditions at IPAR that in turn motivate employees to do their work better. He went on by commending the team work spirit within IPAR and the different departments.

Dr. Aime Tsinda speaking on behalf of IPAR staff

Ms Eugenia kayitesi welcomes staff 

In her closing remarks, the Executive Director of IPAR, Ms. Eugenia Kayitesi thanked the IPAR Board of Directors and the IPAR staff for their hard work and encouraged them to keep up the good work. She went on to pledge three main things for the year 2016
     -First, a new strategic plan for the period 2017- 2021
     -She also pledged increase in visibility for IPAR through a new upcoming bi-annual Magazine showcasing IPAR’s past research works
     -Building Capacity as well as recruiting more competent staff for the new year

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