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KG 627 st Kimihurura Kigali - Rwanda
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 Prof. Alfred R. BIZOZA has experience of over 12 years in Research, Consultancy and the Academia fields. Prior to coming on board at IPAR-Rwanda, Dr.Bizoza served as a Senior Research Adviser for the LAND Project funded by USAID and is a Senior Lecturer from the University of Rwanda (Part-time). Prior to the LAND Project, Prof. Bizoza was the Director of the former National University of Rwanda Consultancy Bureau. He joined Wageningen University in the Netherlands as a PhD candidate in January 2007 and completed his degree in June 2011. While working on his doctorate, he was a visiting scholar at the International Institute of Agriculture (IIA), Michigan State University, USA. He joined former National University of Rwanda in 2004 as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Economics. By 2006 he was nominated by the University to launch its Department of Agricultural Economics, for which he served as the first Head of the Department. Prof. Bizoza has published in multiple venues, including two books and articles in more than 25 peer reviewed journals in addition to several papers presented at national and international conferences. In 2005, he earned an MSc in agricultural economics at University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, supported by a scholarship from the Capacity Building Programme of the World Bank. In addition to the above, Prof. Bizoza is currently serving as Board Member of the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR).