This is the third progress report on the Millennium Development Goals for Rwanda. The report demonstrates the strong commitment of the country to human development and poverty reduction and shows the progress that Rwanda is making towards achieving the Goals. It shows that while there has been good progress made, significant challenges remain.

The report considers what policies and programmes have supported progress towards achieving the Goals and highlights examples of successful projects and programs. It also points out where interventions to support accelerated progress could enable the achievement of specific Targets by 2015.

The findings of the report give grounds for considerable optimism. Rwanda has made sustainable progress in a number of areas, especially in promoting gender equality, in education and health.

However, the report also shows that slow progress is being made in turning the tide against poverty and that only a small minority of Rwanda’s have decent employment. Too few Rwandans are benefiting from the strong economic growth that has been experienced in recent years and inequalities are growing. Rwanda needs the support of its Development Partners to enable it to realize its ambition of building a strong and prosperous future for all Rwandans.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the support that has been received from central and local government, Development Partners and Civil Society Organisations, and the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda throughout the preparation of this report. I would especially like to thank the participants in the deliberative forum that advised on the bottlenecks and challenges that are being faced in implementing the Goals and suggested what support might enable them to be overcome.

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