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The Institute of Policy Analysis and Research(IPAR-Rwanda) joined its partners —University of Rwanda and University of Aberdeen, in a graduation ceremony in which 20 candidates were awarded a Continuous Professional Development(CPD) diploma in adult literacies. The ceremony was held at the University of Rwanda College of Education in Rukara, Kayonza District in the Eastern Province on Friday, November 29, 2019.

The twenty candidates were enrolled in the program which is one component of the project on “Fostering a Social Practice Approach to Adult Literacies for Improving People’s Quality of Life in Western Rwanda” which is jointed implemented in the Western Province by IPAR-Rwanda, University of Rwanda and University of Aberdeen with financial support from the Scottish Government.

The aim of the project is to train at least 3000 adults in the Western Province in basic adult literacies. So far, the project which has been in the implementation for the last two years, has trained over 600 adults in literacies. It is expected that the 20 graduates in adult literacies will help lay the knowledge foundation for further training in adult literacies in Rwanda.