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The new Board of Directors of IPAR-Rwanda has entered into its functions following a handover that took place on 12 June 2024. The new Board is chaired by Mr. SEMINEGA Augustus who took over from Dr UWIZEYE Odette who has been at the helm from 2021.
Other members of the Board are : Ms. Josephine UWAMARIYA (Vice Chairperson), Ms. Rose BAGUMA, Prof. Jeane KAGWIZA, Mr. Anatole MULINDWA, Prof. Aggee SHYAKA MUGABE, Mr. Vincent MUNYESHYAKA, Mr. MUSHABE Richard, Ms. MUKANTABANA Marie.
The new Board members were elected and appointed by the General Assembly as provided by IPAR-Rwanda Constitution, on 30 May 2024.
The Board of Directors is constituted by members representing a wide range of stakeholders from the government, the civil society, private sector, development partners, academic and research institutions.
The main task of the Board is to provide strategic guidance to the organization and to oversee the implementation of projects and programs.

Mr. Seminega donating an award to Dr. Uwizeye in recognition of her service to IPAR-Rwanda {}

Members of the Management and staff witnessed the handover between outgoing and incoming chairpersons

Participants in the General Assembly held on 30 May 2024.{}