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On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research(IPAR-Rwanda) hosted a consultative meeting on Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GROW 2), an upcoming project initiated by Canada’s International Development Research Center(IDRC) to support women’s economic empowerment in East Africa. Rwanda is among the countries to benefit from this project.

The consultative meeting at IPAR-Rwanda which was organized by IDRC brought together participants in areas of gender and women empowerment from the Government of Rwanda, Civil Society, Private Sector and Research institutions to exchange views on how to support women’s economic empowerment, partly in Rwanda and in East Africa in general.

The main objective of the meeting was to explore potential research partners, identify promising initiatives for the planned GROW 2 research, explore strategic partners and alliances for large scale impact, and scope out potential policy champions and leading regional experts that can be included in the GROW 2 advisory panel. The meeting also provided input to the GROW programme in East Africa.