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School Funding and Equity in Rwanda

In 2009 Rwanda introduced 9 Years Basic Education (9YBE) and progress on access to primary education in recent years has been highly impressive. However, the challenges still faced by the Rwandan education system remain significant. These include the need to ensure adequate funding,...

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Youth Delinquency report

The research reported on aimed to provide clarifications on how the issue of disaffected and delinquent youth in Rwanda is handled and treated. Providing residential rehabilitation and training is expensive and therefore it needs to be used for those young men most in need of and...

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The Gendered Impact of Agricultural Reform in Rwanda

The overall agricultural sector goal is to achieve sustainable economic growth and social development leading to the increase and diversification of household incomes and ensuring food and nutritional security for the entire population. If women had the same access to productive...

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Senate book online

Rwanda has embraced a pluralistic political system defined by Dialogue and Consensus approach in order to tackle issues of national and local interest. This commitment is clearly set out in article 9 of the Constitution which commits the Government of Rwanda to promote and reinforce a...

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