Ongoing Research Projects

IPAR-Rwanda in collaboration with Palladium Ikiraro cy’Iterambere is implementing a research project on “Information flows in decision making” from the citizens to the local authorities and vice versa. The project takes Girinka and Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP) as a case study.

The objective of the research project is to assess channels of communication for effective citizen participation in the planning, budgeting, design, monitoring and evaluation, feed-back and reform of policy and service delivery in relation to Girinka and Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme. An information Technology tool consisting of a web-based application and a mobile based application has been developed to be used in data collection. A pilot study has been conducted in Gasabo District in the City of Kigali and preliminary findings are expected to be ready in mid this month. This will pave way for a full research which will start mid-June and will be carried out in ten districts across the country.

The current study builds on the evidence from a previous study on citizen participation in decision making which suggested that some information shared by the citizens does not reach the decision makers and/or decision makers do not provide feedback on the messages they receive from the citizens.

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