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Dr. Martin RUZIMA is our Employee of the Year 2021. Dr. RUZIMA joined IPAR-Rwanda on March 1, 2019 as a Research Fellow. He holds a PhD in Economics from Annamalai University (India), M.A. Applied Economics from Annamalai University (India), M. Com [Finance] from Madurai Kamaraj University, (India), M.Sc.IT from Annalamai University (India) and B.Sc. IT from the former National University of Rwanda(NUR).

In his own words, Dr. RUZIMA said, “I am very thankful for being selected as the best employee of the year. I thank the management for choosing me to receive this prestigious award. I thank the support that I have been given by my workmates and supervisors. I also appreciate the accomplishments of my colleagues who have not received this recognition. This award is a motivation to keep on working hard in order to meet the mission of the IPAR. I will be happy if somebody else, especially my juniors, in the team won this award next year. Thank you.”

IPAR’s Management congratulates Dr. Martin RUZIMA.

IPAR’s Executive Director Ms. Eugenia KAYITESI(Left) congratulating Dr Martin RUZIMA.{{}}