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Theme : Understanding the Impacts of Covid-19 on Households and Businesses in Rwanda : Policies to Support Inclusive Growth and Economic Recovery
Submission Deadline : 24 October 2022.

Post-Covid-19 Economic Recovery Challenges in Rwanda
The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with long-standing climate change risks and an increase in the cost of living occasioned by supply chain challenges in the oil sector have challenged development planning and economic recovery. Policy and decision-maker have to deal with a triple challenge that combines recovery from the medium to long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic including reversals in poverty rates, lags in education outcomes for children, teenage, pregnancies, and input supply chain bottlenecks. In addition, policymakers need to tackle prolonged effects of climate change which negatively impacts food production, distribution, and nutrition among households. Lastly, policy-makers are grappling with imported inflation which has been occasioned due to the Russia-Ukraine war, leading to the rising cost of fuel which increases business’s inputs costs and the general cost of living within households. It is in this context that IPAR Rwanda is organizing the 10th Annual Research Conference under the theme “Understanding the Impacts of Covid-19 on Households and Businesses in Rwanda : Policies to Support Inclusive Growth and Economic Recovery.”

The Conference

In an effort to continually inform policy and encourage a culture of debate on the social economic recovery and inclusive growth in the economic era in Rwanda, IPAR-Rwanda is planning to have a one-day research conference that will bring together researchers, policymakers development partners to deliberate on key strategies that will address COVID-19 effects on the socio-economic development in Rwanda.

The one-day conference will discuss the findings of research in Rwanda on policies for inclusive and resilient post-covi19 economic recovery in Rwanda with a focus on businesses and households. A central theme of this conference will be the issue of inclusion (leave no one behind) in the process of economic recovery. The conference sub-themes will entail issues such as the impact of covid-19 on households and businesses, the impact of covid-19 policy interventions such as the Economic recovery fund, and others. Key to the inclusion agenda will be discussions on innovative policy actions for job creation among the youth and women in Rwanda.

Call for papers

Researchers are hereby called upon to submit papers and the most successful ones will be presented during the conference. Suitable papers should be policy- oriented. Topics of interest should include one or more of the following thematic areas :

• Re-aligning and monitoring of national development priorities to get medium to long-term development priorities back on track during the post-Covid 19 era ;
• Understanding of the Impact of Public Policies and Interventions towards enabling Inclusive Business Recovery ;
• Leveraging ICT Technologies to Promote a Resilient knowledge-based economy and Business Recovery in Rwanda ;
• Policies for the Empowerment of Youth and Women in Rwanda during the Post-Covid-19 era : Policy actions for Employment Creation among youth and reduction of Unpaid care work among women ;
• Policies to mitigate against the Impacts of Climate Change in Rwanda : The Food innovations systems approach ;


Click on the links in blue to download the Conference Concept Note and submission guidelines. Researchers can send abstract and full paper to by 24 October, 2022. Authors of selected papers will be contacted by November 1, 2022.

Call for papers :

Concept Note :

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