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Assistant Research Fellow
KG 627 st Kimihurura P.O.Box 6005 Kigali - Rwanda
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Paul joined IPAR in 2008 as a Research Assistant charged with supporting research teams in, among other things, drafting research questionnaires, data collection and analysis. He is working on the household enterprise, access to health care in remote rural areas and one cow a poor family research projects. His linguistic skills are in high demand. Paul brings to IPAR his experience senior managerial positions especially in the public sector public. He was Mayor of Kicukiro District, Kigali between 1994 and 2001. He worked at the Ministry of Local Administration, Communal Development and Social Affairs (MINALOC) between 2001 and 2005 where he held a number of senior positions including Director of National Programme for Childhood and Expert in Reinforcement of Institutional and Human Capacity Building. He has also served as an Expert in Documentation, Information and Communication at the National (Rwanda) Secretariat in Charge of Decentralization (NDIS). Paul holds a bachelors degree in For the detailed CV email::