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Gatete is a Human rights lawyer, political scientist and media contributor with over 13 years of experience within the Rwandan Civil Society. He has worked for many NGOs in Rwanda, including for Oxfam, where he served as Campaigns and Policy Director. He contributed to the elaboration of the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS-2). He is better known for leading advocacy and public interest litigation in Rwanda.

Gatete has conducted research on access to justice, good governance and policy reforms in Rwanda, in Mozambique and in Lesotho. He has published a number of peer reviews articles on politics and sexual rights in the journal of the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) of the University of Sussex, and presented in many regional and international fora. In addition, he is vastly published in local and regional media on Rwandan politics. 

He authored a book: 'Advocacy in sub-Saharan Africa.’ Advocating for context intelligence, the book suggests subtle and efficient ways of advancing human rights in Africa while doing ‘no harm’, either voluntary or involuntary.

He is a founding member of the Legal Aid Forum Rwanda, the Centre for Human Rights and a board member of Action Aid – Rwanda and Rwanda Cinema Center. He animates political debates on radio and television and writes a blog: