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Dr. Martin Ruzima

Research Fellow

Dr. Martin Ruzima holds a PhD in Economics from Annamalai University (India), M.A. Applied Economics from Annamalai University (India), M. Com [Finance] from Madurai Kamaraj University, (India), M.Sc.IT from Annalamai University (India) and B.Sc. IT from the former National University of Rwanda(NUR). Dr. Martin is a Research Fellow at Institute of Policy Analysis and Research-Rwanda (IPAR-Rwanda). Before joining IPAR-Rwanda, he worked as a Lecturer and Acting Director of Quality Assurance at the University of Kibungo. Prior to joining IPAR-Rwanda, Dr. Martin worked with different programmes and actively contributed to inter-disciplinary research to explore policies and impact change in Rwanda.
His research work focuses on economic growth and applications to developing countries, human capital impacts on development, poverty analysis, institutions and policies for development, private investment, financial development, international trade and foreign direct investment.