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The Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR-Rwanda) is the leading independent, not-for-profit research and policy analysis Think Tank in Rwanda, with a reputation for conducting high-quality research and policy analysis and promotion of a culture of debate and dialogue on policy issues. IPAR-Rwanda became fully functional in May 2008 with initial start-up support from the Government of Rwanda and technical and financial support from the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)and Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

IPAR-Rwanda was established with a mission to enhance evidence-based policy making as well as promoting dialogue and a culture of debate on policy issues in Rwanda, through conducting timely, relevant high quality public policy analysis and research. Its establishment was part of the ongoing national efforts aimed at supporting the process of achieving the country’s development aspirations, through enriched public policy formulation and debate. We aim to become an internationally recognized Center of Excellence on Policy Research on Rwanda.

IPAR-Rwanda has successfully implemented three previous strategic plans, and this has not only raised its profile, but also made it impressively outstanding among local and international think tanks. The challenges encountered and lessons learnt in the course of implementing development actions as envisaged in both the first, second, and 3rd strategic plans need to inform the development of institutes (2021 -2026) strategic plan which should represent the aspirations of IPAR – Rwanda team and the key stakeholders, as it moves into the fourth phase of its strategic planning. The IPAR 2021 -2026 Strategic Plan shall seeks to consolidate on the gains made during the implementation of the first and second and the 3rd strategic plans with the aim of achieving new heights in the pathway, while maintaining focus on its Mission and Vision of becoming a internationally recognized center of excellence on policy analysis and on Rwanda

The strategic plan (2021-2026) marks an important stage in IPAR’s journey to establishing itself as an independent, self-sustaining think tank that is poised to deliver on its mandate without compromising its fundamental values. In its previous phases of strategic planning process, IPAR-Rwanda focused attention on institutional establishment and strengthening. Since the year 2015, IPAR has employed significant efforts to internally generate its own resources in order to pave way for its own financial sustainability. It has also significantly built its research capacity through conducting research and policy analysis that has informed the national development policy programs of Rwandan Vision 2020 and NSTI which has greatly contributed to the realization of its mandate of informing policy and also contributes to its relevance and visibility as a leading independent think tank in the Country and at the same time contributed to its Financial sustainability.

With the growing reduction of funding from IPAR’s main development partners, it is important for IPAR to focus attention on raising funds from other sources, in order to close funding gaps resulting from the closure of donor funds as observed from the current trend in the funding arrangement. The strategic plan therefore aims to put emphasis on resource mobilization, targeting among others : commissioned and joint research, grant proposal writing, Government consultancy opportunities, and instituting innovative resource mobilization initiatives that will sustain and grow the Institute

To date, IPAR-Rwanda is fully operational and able to conduct and produce quality research, prepare policy briefs and effectively engage stakeholders through policy debates as required under its mandate. It has also been able to train its staff to strengthen internal capacity to undertake research and policy analysis that informs policy both in the country and beyond.

As IPAR-Rwanda enters the third phase of its strategic planning, IPAR management with guidance from the Board of Directors intends to hire an independent consultant that will an IPAR strategic plan that will guide IPAR’s strategic operations for the period (2021-2026). IPAR’s Strategic plan 2021- 2026 will revolve around four key areas of activity namely :

1. Strengthening capacity for Research and Policy Analysis
2. Enhancing capacity for Policy Dialogue and debate.
3. Resource Mobilization for IPAR’s financial sustainability
4. Human capacity development.

The objective of the Assignment

The overall objective of this assignment is to develop a five-year business plan for IPAR-Rwanda a very structured, objective and quantifiable way for the period (2021-2026).

Scope of Work

To achieve the objective, a Strategic Plan should be comprised of :
• Introduction and Background
• Review
• Strategic objectives and planned innervations to achieve IPAR’s Mission, Vision and Strategic objectives
• Vision Statement and Mission Objectives of IPAR Rwanda
• Competetive Edge( Market analysis for the research & policy analysis in Rwanda (Key players, available opportunities and threats)
• Governance, organizational structure and staffing plan (Management & Organizational Structure
• Brand
• Strategic Panoply, strategic Risks
• Strategic Direction and delivery of 2021-2026strategic positioning
• Marketing strategy,
• Operational plan
• Financial plan (5 years’ projection)
• Implementation plan
• Action Plan and Budget


The following are the expected deliverables from the consultant :
• A 5-year Strategic Plan (2021-2026) for the IPAR Rwanda with :
Operational plan
Market and competition analysis
Financial analysis and projections
Swot analysis
Implementation plan
Monitoring and evaluation plan

Qualifications and Experience

The individual consultant is expected to have the following minimum qualifications, experience and expertise :
At least a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing or a related discipline ;
A minimum of 10 years of working experience in developing business plans and strategic action plans
Prior knowledge and experience of at least 10 years of Research and Policy Analysis Consultancy in Rwanda ;
Excellent command, written and spoken English.

The consultant is expected to deliver a draft Strategic plan in 30 working days after signing the contract.


Qualified individual consultants should submit the following :

Letter of Expression of Interest
Detailed CV with at least three references
At least three Letters of completion or recommendation letters of similar assignments from reputable organizations (Government, Thinktanks, Private Sector, Development Partners, NGOs, Multilateral
Notarized copy of Degree Certificate
The deadline for submission of the requirements is fixed on 15/07/2021 at 5:00 PM to info@ipar-rwanda.org and s.kabahire@ipar-rwanda.org. No hardcopies are allowed.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Done at KIGALI, 30/06/2021

Executive Director